Favorable Irish Weather Hotspots For Property Investment

The natural splendor of Ireland is well-known around the globe. Unfortunately, Ireland is also well-known for its precipitation. All those verdant pastures must come from somewhere, right? Though some people may not mind the persistent drizzle, those who value sunshine will find that some locations are better than others. The warmest, sunniest, and driest areas are listed below.

To soak up the most rays of…Rosslare, Wexford County

How is the climate today?

Ireland’s southeast coast has been known as the “sunny southeast” for decades, and the region’s reputation is borne up by meteorological data. In fact, there are 300 more sunny days each year in this tourist mecca than in the whole of Ireland. This amounts to an average of 4.38 hours of sunlight every day or 1,598 hours per year. In addition, there are often seven hours of daylight each day in the summer.

What else makes Rosslare so special?

Just a short distance from Rosslare Europort is the charming beach community of Rosslare Strand. Having a port close by means you can get a ferry and be back in the U.K. in a little over three hours and fifteen minutes, which is quite convenient.

The primary beach in the town has been recognized as one of the greatest in Ireland and the entire globe by being awarded the prestigious Blue Flag. Swimming is a pleasure, even in the colder seas. If you’re looking for something a little more energetic, you may go for walks along the beach, play a round of golf at one of the numerous local courses, or hit the tennis courts.

Given the high volume of visitors, the area has received and has for many years, all the standard services and conveniences are available. You can find great deals on vacation rentals in areas with lots of tourists, which you won’t have any trouble filling, and there are property letting firms in the area that would be happy to handle the day-to-day operations of your rental for you while you’re away.

You can find a variety of jobs in the local ports in Rosslare, Ireland if you’re planning to work there after relocating there. Jobs in hospitality, property management, and short-term rentals are all common.


Some other counties in Ireland that get plenty of sunshine each year.


  • Waterford: Another county with plenty of sunshine, Waterford is home to the famous Waterford Crystal factory and the medieval city of Waterford. The city is also surrounded by some stunning scenery, including the Comeragh


  • Carlow: Carlow is a small county located in the southeast of Ireland. It’s known for its rolling hills, lush forests, and friendly people. The town of Carlow is a great place to base yourself for exploring the surrounding countryside.
  • Longford: Longford is a county located in the midlands of Ireland. It’s known for its peaceful countryside and its many lakes. The town of Longford is a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery.
  • Cavan: Cavan is a county located in the north of Ireland. It’s known for its rugged scenery, including the Cuilcagh Mountains and the Marble Arch Caves. The town of Cavan is a great place to base yourself for exploring the surrounding countryside.

In addition to these counties, there are a number of other places in Ireland that are known for their sunny weather. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Kinsale, County Cork: Kinsale is a charming town located in the south of Ireland. It’s known for its beautiful harbor, its world-class restaurants, and its mild climate.
  • Dingle, County Kerry: Dingle is a small town located on the Dingle Peninsula in the southwest of Ireland. It’s known for its laid-back atmosphere, its stunning scenery, and its friendly people.
  • Clifden, County Galway: Clifden is a town located in Connemara in the west of Ireland. It’s known for its stunning scenery, its lively pubs, and its proximity to the Twelve Bens mountains.
  • Achill Island, County Mayo: Achill Island is the largest island off the coast of Ireland. It’s known for its rugged scenery, its beautiful beaches, and its remoteness.



As a rainy-day alternative, Dublin

How is the climate today?

The annual rainfall in the Irish capital is less than 800 millimeters, which is significantly less than the rainfall on the West Coast. There isn’t one especially wet season in Dublin; rather, the city experiences rain during all four. But don’t worry; a break in the clouds is generally just around the corner. Dublin typically experiences a temperature range of 50°C in the winter to 160°C in the summer.

What else do you love about Dublin?

If you’re thinking about relocating to Ireland, the capital city of Dublin offers all the advantages of a modern metropolis. There are more pubs, restaurants, cafes, and shops per square foot here than anyplace else in Ireland, and you can find something in every neighborhood no matter how much money you have to spend.

The city’s international airport, ferry port, and train station all make it simple to return to the United Kingdom or travel elsewhere in Europe. The ramifications of the current economic boom in Ireland’s capital city are unparalleled. Jobs in the fields of technology, information technology, and pharmaceuticals are plentiful at some of the world’s most prestigious companies. More and more European headquarters are relocating to Ireland in anticipation of Brexit, so this trend is likely to continue.

The city’s proximity to the countryside is one of the many reasons it attracts young families, professionals, and retirees. In less than an hour, you can reach the shore or the hills. It takes a little over an hour to drive to the Wicklow Mountains. The coastal areas of Dublin, such as Bray, Rathfarnham, Churchtown, and Blackrock, are some of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods.

When temperatures are highest… County Kerry’s Valentia Island

How is the climate today?

Despite receiving the most rainfall, the western coast of Ireland also enjoys the highest average temperatures. This is most pronounced in the County of Kerry, in the country’s southwestern region. With an annual average temperature of 10.9 degrees Celsius, Valentia Island is Ireland’s hottest location. However, it also gets a lot of rain; in fact, almost twice as much rain as in Dublin per year.

Is there anything else to do on Valentia Island?

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, not far from the stunning Iveragh Peninsula in Kerry, is the enchanting island of Valentia. From April to October, a car ferry connects the island to the mainland in the picturesque community of Portmagee.

Less than 800 people permanently reside on the island, which is home to two major cities (Knightstown and Chapeltown). Because of its remote position, we imagine it would appeal most to seniors searching for a quiet place to settle down permanently or use as a vacation house during the warmer months.

Valentia Island is a wonderful home base from which to discover all that southwest Ireland has to offer. In slightly more than two hours, you can reach Cork, and in just over an hour, you can reach the Ring of Kerry. The island has its own distinct climate, making it a haven for exotic plants and animals more commonly seen in places like South America, Australia, and New Zealand. Peregrine falcons, gannets, kestrels, guillemots, puffins, and razorbills are just a few of the birds you should look out for. Eels, sea bream, and even lesser-spotted dogfish are all within reach, providing hours of entertainment for anglers. Many of the country’s largest catches have been caught off the island.


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