Tips To Sell Property in Ireland Quickly

So you’re looking for a quick sale of your Irish home to cash buyers? Locate a customer in either the European Union, the United States, Canada, or Australia. There are two main advantages to doing this now.

This concludes Brexit. Leaving the EU is already a reality for Britain. Whether you voted to Leave the European Union or Remain, the uncertainty that has followed the Brexit decision has afflicted the European real estate market for the past three years.

As political and Brexit uncertainty subsides, private investment will once again take center stage, especially in the Irish housing market. We are getting hundreds of requests every day from wealthy investors in places like the United States, Canada, China, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe who are interested in buying property in Ireland.



Investing in Ireland?

Ireland is now widely recognized as one of Europe’s economic powerhouses by companies throughout the world. In addition to the country’s rich economic potential, Ireland’s high standard of life is a major magnet for investors from across the globe.

Ireland is no longer the sick man of the European Union; the country now has a thriving economy, is a democracy, and is a place where people’s rights to their own property are protected by law.

This has led to a rise in the number of wealthy foreigners looking to buy a second home in Ireland from places like China, Russia, and the rest of Asia and Europe. The Irish Independent surveyed real estate brokers across the country and found that they expect property prices in Ireland to increase by 2.4% this year.

Houses priced between €250,000 and €350,000 tend to sell faster than those priced at €450,000 and more.

According to REA spokesman Barry McDonald, new homes in Dublin and commuter districts sell well, but only up to a specific price range.

According to McDonald, the market over the €450,000 barrier needs “assurance, confidence, and clarity regarding Brexit” in order to shift. People aren’t moving as often as they used to because they feel the need to improve, but rather because they have to, in contrast to the aspirational market in 2007.

To sell your Irish home, you should target high-net-worth international buyers, preferably from the United States, Australia, or Western Europe. They are the only ones who have the financial wherewithal to pay €450,000 or more in cash for a home.

According to Joanne Kelly of PwC Ireland, there is significant investor interest in residential property in Ireland at the present time. In every major city in Europe, Kelly said, “there is a housing scarcity or a dearth of social and affordable housing.”

When there is a shortage of a product or service, prices go up across all markets. Among the most important factors for residential-type investments is a return that is acceptable to foreign institutional investors, she explained.

David McWilliams argues that Brexit is beneficial for Ireland because it increases foreign direct investment. Even in the real estate sector, many British investors are shifting their focus to the Republic of Ireland.

Dublin has become a formidable rival to London in recent years, and for good reason. Professionals with specialized knowledge are in high demand in Ireland. This includes experts in information technology, engineering, video game creation, medicine, filmmaking, and research.

Property prices in Ireland might rise as a result of an inflow of highly skilled workers seeking refuge from the UK’s restrictive immigration policies.

If you’re trying to find a wealthy buyer from Russia, Australia, the United States, or Europe, selling your Irish house on your own may be a viable choice. If you want to sell your Irish house this year you need get in touch with an international real estate expert who has the contacts and marketing savvy to get the job done.


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