Ireland’s Finest Little Towns

Many of us who have considered making Ireland our permanent home have been inspired to do so by scenes of quaint Irish village life in our favorite Irish films and T.V. shows. Many of the most picturesque places in the country are probably completely unknown to you. Five of our favorite nearby communities are listed below.

Kinsale, County of Cork

Envision yourself settling down by the water in a vibrant, old fishing village. I’d love that! The marina and the River Bandon are the focal points of Kinsale, and the town’s tiny streets are lined with colorfully painted, densely packed buildings and the occasional bent bridge that could have been plucked straight out of Venice.

The town hosts numerous fantastic events each year, such as the Kinsale Gourmet Festival, the Kinsale Fringe Jazz Festival, and even a competition to determine who makes the finest chowder in all of Ireland. Life in Kinsale sounds fantastic, with all the exciting events and picturesque scenery.

Birr, Offaly, Ireland

Birr is a great place to visit if you’re a fan of castles and Georgian architecture due to its spacious streets and beautiful buildings. Birr Castle is a beautiful site to spend an afternoon or two or to host a tea party for new acquaintances. The most stunning residences in town may be found on Emmet Street, another popular area. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your dream home there! The Seffin Stone, thought to be the geographic center of Ireland, may be found at Birr as well.

Dalkey, Dublin County

Dalkey, to the south of Dublin, is a great option if you’re looking for a seaside community that’s yet relatively close to the main city. There are a few of these villages to the south of the city, but upscale Dalkey stands out with its oceanfront position, great restaurants (including many that specialize in locally caught seafood), and a castle.

Lismore, Waterford County, Ireland

Lismore, in County Waterford, may be the ideal small town for you if you’re seeking somewhere with nice enough scenery to go hiking on the weekends. Blackwater Valley, St. Carthage’s Cathedral, and St. Carthage’s Church of Ireland Cathedral are just a few of the other attractions in this beautiful town at the foot of the Knockmealdown Mountains. The town’s event schedule is second to none, and there are plenty of bars and restaurants to keep you occupied.

The Town of Valentia, County of Kerry

Valentia, located on rough, wave-battered Valentia Island, maybe the ideal romantic destination if peace and quiet are what you desire. Although it is an island, it is easily accessible from the mainland through a bridge. Wonderfully kept gardens with their own microclimate and assortment of rare species may be found at the estate of Glanleam House, built in the 1770s. Similarly reminiscent of Craggy Island is the adjacent ancient monastic settlement of Skellig Michael. It’s not really diminutive; it’s just more remote.


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