Investment Hotspots in Ireland’s Real Estate Market

Income levels in Ireland are among the highest ever recorded. Due to the government’s efforts to attract foreign investment and students, Ireland has seen a surge in the number of international students and IT workers. The Irish real estate market attracts buyers not just from within Ireland but also from outside. It’s possible to make a good profit by selling a house in Ireland.

The average cost of an Irish home has increased by 3.7% annually, to €263,000 (£235,900). Living expenses in Ireland are expected to rise in the not-too-distant future. Therefore, purchasing property in Ireland is a realistic alternative. According to Eurostat, home prices in all of Europe went up during the course of the previous year.

The best seven places to put your money in Irish real estate in 2022. With this information in hand, you may successfully navigate the real estate market and make a wise investment in a home with lasting value.



According to PwC’s Emerging Trends in Real Estate Report 2021, Dublin is the best city in Ireland for real estate investment. The local property market is healthy from the standpoint of both investment prospects and future expansion. Dublin attracts investors at the third-highest rate in Europe, behind only Lisbon and Berlin. Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Accenture, and others like them typically lease office space rather than own it.

Rental returns in Dublin are highest for the smallest units. Buying a one-bedroom flat in a prime downtown location is the finest option. The gross return for one-bedroom apartments in Dublin is 9.35 percent for a €200,000 (£179,480) investment.


One of Ireland’s selling points is its wealth of historical sites and ancient buildings. Cork does an excellent job of conveying that. Cork’s natural beauty is stunning. This is the place to go if you’re in search of a big metropolis and port. With a large and varied population and a busy airport, Cork is a vibrant metropolis.


Every year, thousands upon thousands of people visit Ireland to take in the country’s breathtaking scenery. The tourism sector in Galway thrives because the area has a pleasant temperature, beautiful landscape, and historic cities. It’s the largest and least populated county in Ireland. The city’s thriving arts business in the summer draws world-famous performers to its busy arts festival.


The town of Greystone is located in northern Wicklow, between Dublin and Wexford. Despite its small size, Greystone is a bustling hub of activity. It has two beautiful beaches and a refurbished boardwalk with restaurants. The area’s mountains and ice lure tourists year-round, not just in the summer.

The town of Ennis has long been considered one of the finest in all of Ireland. Despite its seemingly remote location, the airport in Shannon is just around a dozen miles away.

Vacationers seeking a more relaxed pace of life in the summer can discover a wide variety of outdoor activities, interesting museums, and sports clubs, including one that dates back to 1907.

Considerations for a successful Irish property purchase. New, high-paying businesses have emerged in Ireland, making the country’s property market attractive to international investors. The financial technology sector is rapidly expanding. Ireland is a renowned tourist destination as well as a thriving economic hub. Since people from all over the world visit and want to remain here, the demand for housing is tremendous.

The properties in this book have a substantial rental market. In addition to the indigenous, Ireland attracts a large number of students, visitors, and seasonal renters. Property owners in Ireland often list their units on Airbnb,, and similar rental services. According to data compiled by Hitachi Personal Finance and Airbnb, rental income from Irish holiday homes is among the highest in the United Kingdom.

Ireland is an option to the United States because of its stable and prosperous market. Investors want to see growth in regional counties in 2022 since it has encouraged new initiatives and infrastructure improvements.


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