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Galway City is a must-see, with its thriving student population, markets, pubs, cafes, and live music, all of which are tucked into the hills above Medieval ruins. Some of Ireland’s best athletes will play for Galway United F.C. and Connaught Rugby, and you’ll be able to send your kids to top-notch schools. The Galway Arts Festival and the Galway Races are two of the city’s most anticipated annual events. The wild Aran Islands and Connemara National Park are easily accessible from the city.

There is a current median price of €210.000 for real estate in the County.

City of Galway

Galway City, County Galway’s economic and cultural hub, is home to about 80,000 people. Live music may be heard constantly from the many pubs and cafes that line the streets of this popular tourist and student destination.

The area around St. Nicholas’s Church is full of stores and marketplaces selling traditional Irish trinkets like Claddagh bands and stuffed leprechauns. One of the many ancient relics from the Middle Ages is the Spanish Arch. NUI Galway, located in the city, is widely regarded as a leading Irish institution.

Galway United F.C. plays at Eamonn Deacy Park, and Connaught Rugby competes at Pro 14 to give sports fans plenty of options. In addition, Galway will serve as 2020’s European Capital of Culture. The Galway Arts Festival takes place every July, while the Galway Races are held every August, among many other events and festivals.


County Galway shares the climate patterns of the rest of Ireland, which are mostly determined by the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean. Since Galway County is on the west coast of Ireland, it is subject to the warming effects of the Gulf Stream, which can lead to temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius or more in the summer.

Due to the presence of Atlantic airstreams, there will be plenty of rain in between the bright periods. It rains the most in October and the least in April. Blizzards, thunderstorms, flooding, and extremely high winds are all possibilities in this area.

Prospects for Gainful Employment

Galway City’s fast expansion over the past few years has resulted in a thriving economy with abundant job prospects. Tech, retail, distribution, education, healthcare, the financial sector, the building and tourism/culture sectors, and the economy as a whole are the key drivers. About half of the city’s residents are employed in some sort of professional capacity.

Galway can now capitalize on the “Celtic Tiger” growth thanks to the M6 highway, which has cut the journey time to Dublin to around 2.5 hours. Cisco, Medtronic, Electronic Arts, SAP AG, and Apple are just a few of the international corporations holding offices in Galway. Galway receives over 2.1 million annual visitors, who spend a combined €400 million and generate thousands of new jobs each year.

Where to Live


Galway City and the heart of Old Salthill are home to some stunning real estate options. Many of them have been meticulously preserved, right down to the charming, expansive gardens. The cost of a home is typically higher the closer it is to a major metropolis.


Located at the foot of the Connemara Mountains, the medieval village of Oughterard is just 17 kilometers from Dublin. It is situated on the shores of Lough Corrib, the largest lake in the Republic. The village’s convenient position ensures its status as a tourist hotspot. You can take advantage of the great outdoors and the many restaurants, cafes, and taverns.


Tuam is the County’s second-largest town. Great educational opportunities and conveniences may be found around 22 miles north of the city. Be sure to include this town on your itinerary, as it is home to many large, beautiful houses.




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