Advice and Tips To Prepare Property in Ireland For Sale

Should you put your Irish home up for sale now? We can’t promise you that selling your home will happen overnight, but we can give you some tips to make it easier. Think about these suggestions as you get ready to sell your home.

The value of your home

Your estimation of your home’s value is probably rather accurate. You have probably already been utilising several of the most popular Irish sites to research the asking prices of nearby homes and the selling prices of properties with comparable features. An inspection by a local real estate agent is the first step in establishing your home’s value.

After you contact an Estate Agent, they will schedule a time to look at your home and utilise their knowledge of the local market and data on similar previous transactions to come up with a price estimate. A professional appraisal of your home’s value may be invaluable, regardless of how far off in the future you want to sell.

How is your home right now?

Even though you’ve lived in the house for many years and have fond memories of the times spent there, you shouldn’t let such feelings influence the sale of the property. Nowadays, “kerb appeal” is crucial. Making your property more visually attractive to potential buyers will increase its selling price. You need to put yourself in the shoes of a seller when potential buyers arrive to view your home.

It’s not necessarily a bad idea to use a spare bedroom as a giant storage closet, but would a buyer be thrilled to see all that clutter when they come to see the house? Act as if you were a buyer and respond to the features of the home that you would find most appealing.

A home inspection might end up being money well spent. You may assess the state of the roof and other parts of the home and make an informed decision about how much to spend.

Getting your house ready for sale nearly always requires some work on your part. Consult with your Real Estate Agent for advice and guidance.


Who Else Is Doing What?

Why get into business if you can’t see what your rivals are doing? They’re trying to sell their properties, but they don’t know how to show them off. How much do they want for their house, exactly? One must have access to pertinent knowledge in order to wield real power.

By visiting many open houses, you may get a feel for the competition. You can better market your own work the more you look at the work of others.


Try Your Best To Boost Your Property Appeal

After consulting with your Estate Agent, you may have compiled a list of items to complete before listing your home for sale.

With the assistance of your real estate agent, prioritise the improvements that will have the largest impact on your home’s value.

Next, try to view things from the perspective of the buyer. Put as much energy as you can into maintaining and improving the value of your house on the market. Possible discussion topics include the proximity of your home to main thoroughfares and public transportation. If the building project continues at its current pace, how soon before you may expect to gain access to your home? Having this knowledge can help you make wise choices about your house.


Limit your time spent on this

Now that you have a list, it’s time to schedule a meeting with your Estate Agent.

Plan, inspect, and feel confidence in your talents; give yourself enough time to finish everything on your to-do list. Once you’re ready, schedule a time to “list” your house on sites like http://www.daft.ie and

Get a professional Photographer

It’s important to get professional photos of your home in “showhouse” condition before you list it. Keep in mind that first impressions really do matter. You have the chance to “wow” potential buyers with the photographs they see of your home for the first time, regardless of the house’s exterior appeal or location. Use photographs in your listing to get the attention of potential buyers.

There won’t be a repeat selling of the same house twice. However, with the help of a great Estate Agent and some forethought, you can make the process as smooth as possible.

Whether you’re looking to purchase or sell a home in Ireland, we can help.


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